Nexth City iRadio 2024 - POP ROCK Music #4: Bristol


Welcome to the electrifying world of Nexth City iRadio 2024, where the pulse of POP ROCK music beats relentlessly against the backdrop of Bristol, UK. Set against the innovative landscape of INXA Sharist World, we invite you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable musical journey on March 23rd. With our motto, "The World You Create," we celebrate individuality, creativity, and the power of music to unite us all.


Location: Bristol, UK, INXA Sharist World


Bristol, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant music scene, serves as the perfect backdrop for our POP ROCK extravaganza. From its iconic street art to its legendary music venues, Bristol pulses with the energy of rebellion and innovation. As part of INXA Sharist World, a dynamic platform for cultural exchange and artistic expression, Bristol becomes the epicenter of our musical celebration.


Motto: The World You Create


At Nexth City iRadio, we believe in the transformative power of music to shape our world. Our motto, "The World You Create," underscores the importance of individuality and creativity in shaping our collective experience. Through the universal language of POP ROCK music, we invite listeners to join us in co-creating a world filled with passion, authenticity, and freedom of expression.


Dress Code: Rock, Punk


In keeping with the rebellious spirit of POP ROCK music, we encourage attendees to embrace their inner rockstar with a dress code inspired by Rock and Punk aesthetics. From leather jackets and ripped jeans to studded accessories and bold makeup, let your style reflect the edgy energy of the music we love. This is your chance to unleash your creativity and make a statement on the streets of Bristol.


Event Code: Save My Love for You


Under the banner of "Save My Love for You," Nexth City iRadio invites you to embark on a musical journey filled with passion, nostalgia, and raw emotion. DJ Laurinda, will curate a playlist that resonates with the deepest corners of the heart, each song is carefully selected to evoke a powerful response from listeners.


DJ Laurinda


Leading the charge at Nexth City iRadio 2024 is the incomparable DJ Laurinda. With a keen ear for infectious melodies and a passion for connecting with her audience, DJ Laurinda brings years of experience and expertise to the turntables. As she spins tracks that span generations and genres, DJ Laurinda creates an immersive musical experience that transcends boundaries and unites listeners from all walks of life.




In a world where music is the ultimate catalyst for change, Nexth City iRadio 2024 invites you to join us in Bristol for a night of electrifying POP ROCK music. As we come together under the banner of "Save My Love for You," let us celebrate the power of music to inspire, uplift, and transform. So, embrace your inner rockstar, and prepare to lose yourself in the music as we create a world filled with love, passion, and endless possibility.





[00:00]   1. Made with Love
[03:21]   2. Growing Pains
[06:08]   3. Alice
[09:32]   4. Much
[12:46]   5. Liar Liar
[16:17]   6. Forbidden Zone
[19:11]   7. Make It Happen
[21:33]   8. Last Night
[24:32]   9. Slightly Sexy
[27:51]  10. Save My Love for You




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