Nexth City iRadio 2024 is gearing up for an exhilarating night of music and entertainment in the heart of Paris, France. Taking place on April 27, this event is the fourth edition of the April EDM series and focuses on the Dark Cinematic Electronica genre. Combining the vibrant pulse of electronic dance music (EDM) with the mystique of cinematic soundscapes, attendees can expect a unique, immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression.




Theme and Atmosphere:
The event is organized under the INXA Sharist World umbrella, reflecting the INXA motto, "Together Build Better World. The World You Create." This message underscores the collaborative spirit and creative energy that drives the event, encouraging attendees to come together and shape a memorable, transformative experience.


Dress Code and Event Code:
The dress code for the event is EDM, allowing attendees to express themselves through their fashion choices in line with the spirit of electronic dance music. The event code, "The Best I Never Had," hints at an evening full of surprises and extraordinary moments that guests will cherish for years to come.


Headliner: DJ Laurinda
DJ Laurinda's set will take attendees on a mesmerizing journey, blending haunting melodies, atmospheric soundscapes, and powerful beats to create a truly immersive experience.


What to Expect:
Innovative Music: DJ Laurinda's performance will feature a carefully curated selection of original tracks and remixes that encapsulate the essence of Dark Cinematic Electronica. Attendees can expect to be captivated by the intricate sound design and emotive compositions.


Immersive Visuals: The event will showcase stunning visual displays that complement the music and enhance the overall experience. These visuals will transport attendees into a world of imagination and creativity, elevating the night's entertainment to new heights.


Community and Connection: The event encourages attendees to come together and connect with one another, fostering a sense of unity and shared enjoyment. This aligns with the INXA motto, emphasizing the power of collaboration and community in creating a better world.


Unforgettable Moments: "The Best I Never Had" event code hints at a night filled with unexpected and delightful experiences. Attendees can anticipate moments of surprise and excitement that will make this a truly unforgettable event.



Next City iRadio 2024 promises an exceptional night of Dark Cinematic Electronica in the enchanting city of Paris. With DJ Laurinda leading the musical journey, attendees are in for a thrilling experience that combines the energy of EDM with the depth of cinematic soundscapes. The event's emphasis on community and creativity ensures that everyone present will play a part in shaping a night to remember, guided by the INXA motto's vision of building a better world together.





[00:00]   1. Never
[04:14]   2. Lost
[08:25]   3. Autumn Air
[13:28]   4. Andromeda
[18:08]   5. When I Met You
[22:28]   6. For You
[28:28]   7. The Best I Never Had
[32:39]   8. Escape
[36:07]   9. Stay
[41:03]   10. You Left Me in the Dark






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